Hey there! My name is Brittany…

I’m the co-founder of Talk to the Hands and self-proclaimed lover of all things design. After years of growing a successful handmade business, I was ready to make a change. Ready to move into something bigger than just what my own brand had become.

I had developed a skill set for designing high end home decorating, graphic design and video editing. But as someone who desires helping others, I wanted to reach more people and assist them with whatever creative challenges they were facing. This is where my partnership with Kristin came in.

We had been friends and partners for years! I knew as a team, Kristin and I could create a place overflowing with inspiring energy. Where we could uplift fellow creatives, moms, men and women who want nothing more than to see others around them succeed. So we started with a YouTube channel and just kept going. 

Over time, we saw such a great response and knew we had to go bigger. The blog was the natural next step and we couldn’t wait to get all of our projects and recipes in one place. We wanted to have a home for you, beyond our social media spots, where you could come back over and over again. To find inspiration or instruction, ideas or plans. 

With my posts, you’ll see lots of decorating, recipes and crafts for all ages and levels. I am a woman of details, it won’t take you long to see that in my process. However we can help, we want to do that for you. So welcome in! Make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. (Wine optional)


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