Christmas Peppermint Trifle | A Festive Holiday Treat!

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Recipes

Chocolate, peppermint, whipped cream, OH MY! This is one Christmas dessert you’ll make year after year…

A Christmas Peppermint Trifle is a simple dessert comprised of layers of brownies, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 

Make a large bowl or individual cups for serving. This decadent sweet treat is the perfect way to get everyone in the holiday spirit!



• Your favorite baked brownies
• 6 oz semisweet chocolate
• 3 tbsp butter
• 1.25 cups heavy cream
• 3/4 cups sugar
• 3 tbsp light corn syrup
• 1/4 tsp pure peppermint extract
• Whipped Cream
• Crushed candy canes (10 canes)
Whipped cream, brownies and trifles

When to Prepare

If you’re planning on hosting this holiday season and want this exquisite trifle at it’s finest, I recommend waiting until the day of the event. 

Now, you can totally bake your brownies ahead of time and keep in an airtight container up to about a day before. It’s important that your brownies are completely cooled before cutting into cubes and it’s no big deal to have them ready to go in advance. One less step to worry about.



  • Prepare your brownies per the baking instructions. Allow them to cool completely.
  • Cut the brownies into 1″ – 2″ cubes and set aside.
  • In a small sauce pan, add in semi sweet chocolate, butter, heavy cream, sugar, corn syrup and peppermint.
  • Heat on low to medium low, stirring frequently until chocolate is melted and all ingredients are incorporated.


To Assemble


  • Layer the bottom of your serving bowl with brownie cubes.
  • Drizzle chocolate sauce over brownies.
  • Add a layer of whipped cream and sprinkle with crushed candy cane.
  • Repeat layers one to two more times.
  • Serve in individual bowls or wine glasses as a fun option.

Eat the Trifle and Be Merry!

The Christmas Peppermint Trifle is a delicious, decorative, and festive dessert that is sure to leave your guests impressed. With its creamy, chocolatey, and minty flavors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Not only does this recipe look amazing, but it’s easy to make and can be enjoyed any time of year!

So go ahead, make your dinner guests merry and bright with this delightful trifle for your next gathering. And remember, as Julia Child famously said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.

brownies on top of trifle
side view of trifle
whipped cream and peppermint topping

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