Create a Modern Cornucopia for Thanksgiving

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Decor

One project I have always wanted to take on was a cornucopia (or horn of plenty – same thing) for Thanksgiving. And today we’re going to put a modern twist on it!

A traditional cornucopia or horn of plenty, is a horned shaped basket overflowing with vegetables, greenery, and other natural materials to represent the plentiful harvest. A modern version will use a different kind of vessel such as a dough bowl, platter, or a “basket” made from unexpected materials. Adding a variety of elements like artificial gourds in trending colors can provide an updated look while still maintaining the historical significance of the tradition. 

These days I am up to my eyeballs in fall leaves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, flannel, and I am loving every minute. It’s the perfect day to get creative and design my own fall harvest bowl to share this holiday season. 

Here’s how I did it so you can copy the design!


All the materials are a mix of items I already had at home and few new things I grabbed from Hobby Lobby. Below, I’ll include links for easy shopping on whatever items you need to grab.



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Assembling a modern cornucopia is easier than you might think. Just like in my posts for How to Make a Tabletop Centerpiece and How to Make Your Small Wreath Look Big, the concepts are the same… Begin with the largest pieces and work down to the smallest.

TIP: For this project I don’t use any hot glue because this design will be swapped out for the seasons (like Valentine’s Day and Easter).


IF YOU WANT YOUR CORNUCOPIA TO STAY SECURE, simply use a hot glue gun to attach each piece – the finished product will stay year after year!

  • Begin by placing your floral foam on one end of the dough bowl and cover with moss.
  • Cut down the grass bush into individual stems.
  • Insert the stems into the foam and create a base shape. Think round in the foam and wrap along the back side of the bowl out to the opposite edge.
place floral foam
cover with moss
inserting grass stem
  • Adding in the pumpkins, gourds and apples, insert floral wire to any pieces that don’t have stems to secure them to the foam.
  • Arrange the artificial vegetables and fruits in varying angles.
  • Begin adding in foliage stems.
    • Cornucopias have an overflowing design shape, that’s how you want to arrange your stems. 
    • Following the same base shape, be sure to allow your stems to pour over the bowl edges. 
insert floral wire
adding artificial food
adding foliage
  • Add in your berry stems, mini pine cones and acorns as the finishing touch at the end.
    • These are your accent pieces and should be used sparingly and spread out throughout the design.
  • TAKE A STEP BACK: At this point I decided to add in one more orange pumpkin that I originally wasn’t planning on using. That’s why it’s so important to take your time and literally take a step back and look at the whole design before you call it finished.
adding berries
adding berries
adding acorns
modern cornucopia


From Traditional to Modern, It’s More Than a Decoration

Whether you want to break out all the creative, new, unique ideas of how to build your own cornucopia, or stick with the time honored design, I hope you give this project a try.

Having this representation showcased in your home is much more than just a floral decoration. It represents the importance of taking intentional time to give thanks for all that you’ve been given though the year. From God’s hands and the result of all your hard work, what better way to share a plentiful season with your family and friends? 

Be sure to share with us on social media by tagging @talk2thehandswe want to see and cheer you on! Happy Thanksgiving!


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