Crochet a Hair Bow with This Easy DIY Guide

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Crafts

Let’s talk about this great new trend, crochet bows! I’m going to show you how to easily crochet a bow that you can effortlessly customize and use as a hair tie, clip or headband.

Yes! You can crochet a bow with very basic crochet techniques. Once you create a long chain, it simply requires single crochet stitches the rest of the way. Whether your brand new to crochet or have been creating yarn projects for years, this is a great little project for an afternoon.

I searched the internet far and wide looking for a tutorial, not only for the bow style I wanted to make, but a helpful tutorial that wasn’t complicated or left me confused on what they did.

This gave me a goal! To provide you with a step-by-step, how to tutorial that is thorough enough you’ll know what you’re doing, and fast enough it’s not taking you hours to create such a simple item.

Let’s dig in!

bow collage

Why Bows are Popular

When I saw this trend coming in, my first question was why? Why bows? Specifically, why crocheted bows?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of bows! Whether it’s in your hair or on your front door, a good bow can really set the look. But why is everyone else diving into this classic frill? So, I dug in…

This year we’re going to be seeing lots of these bows in the fashion world and even in home decor.

You can check out my post on how to make the perfect wreath bow here.

With the ushering in of eclectic style, unique and quaint features like bows, are the perfect finishing touch, or even main focus.

And if you love eclectic style, check out Kristin’s post on 5 Ways to Create Eclectic Style – so good!

Crochet Makes a GREAT Hobby

Crochet, by itself, is really becoming more and more popular all the time. The versatility in what you can make along with all the options in the world of yarn, the possibilities are endless and downright enjoyable.

The process of crochet is quite relaxing once you have the hang of the basics. It’s one of my favorite hobbies to unwind after a long day. Kristin and I talk a lot about hobbies in this Real Talk video on our YouTube channel; check that out for a good laugh and to get to know us crafters a little better!

Now, if you aren’t real familiar with basic crochet techniques like: Single Crochet, Slip Knot, Slip Stitch, etc., then check out this YouTube Playlist by Bella Cocoa.  In her tutorials, she breaks down every step for an absolute beginner or if you’re in need of a refresher. #highlyrecommend

It’ll only take you a few minutes to catch on and once you’re ready, let’s move on to our tutorial!

Single Crochet Bow

This is by far the easiest way to crochet a bow! All you need to know is how to make a chain, how to make a single crochet, darn it together (super easy I promise), and how to count.



crochet bow supplies


Scroll down to the end for the video tutorial! Or click here 🙂


Part 1: The Bow Loops

  • Begin by chaining 41.
  • Turn your work, skip the first stitch and SC 40 stitches, CH 1.
  • Turn your work, SC from the first stitch all the way across. This should be 40 stitches. CH 1.
  • Repeat the row until you have 10 rows.
  • Once you’ve completed your last stitch, pull the loop so that it’s about 10″ long and cut. Pull the string from your yarn skien away.
  • Fold your finished work in half and using the long string and yarn needle, weave the string to “sew” or attach the ends together.
  • Tie the two strings in a knot.
  • Center the seam and use the remainder string to tie around the middle and cinch to create bow loops. Tie in a knot.
chain 41
Single crochet
Completed single crochet for ten rows
Attach the edges
Cinch the center

Part 2: The Bow Tails

  • CH 16.
  • Turn your work, skip the first stitch and SC 15 ST.
  • CH 1
  • Turn your work, in the first stitch, SC x2.
  • SC x1 in every stitch after that across the row.
  • In the last stitch, SC x2. CH1.
  • Turn your work, repeat these rows with (2) SC stitches in the first and last stitch for 10 rows.
  • Once you’ve completed your rows, tie off and knot the string. Cut away any excess yarn.
Chain 16
Single crochet
Assemble bow pieces

Part 3: Assemble the Bow

  • If your string is long enough from the loops you can use that, if it’s too short then cut a new 8″ string.
  • Line up the center or the loops with the center of the tails.
    • Be sure the angled ends are in the direction you want.
  • Using your string, wrap around the centers and cinch tight. Tie a knot and leave the strings to attach to your accessory or cut them off if you no longer need them.
Cut off excess strings

For Your Hair!

If you’re wanting to use these adorable bows for a hairstyle, simply add in an alligator clip or hair tie for easy attaching!

The alligator clip will just slide in through the yarn you used to attach the tails. Easy peasy – also the preference if my children.

For a hair tie of any size or color, even clear which I apologize for using the one hair tie you can’t see at all. Cut another strand of yarn, wrap it around the center a couple times, thread the hair tie and tie a knot to secure it.

It’s that easy!!

Add an alligator clip
Back of bow with alligator clip
Adding additional yarn for hair tie
Attaching hair tie
bow with elastic
finished bow


Watch the tutorial HERE:

Unleash Your Creativity

So again, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, the joy of crafting these delightful accessories lies in the simplicity of the process and the endless customization options.

From choosing vibrant yarn colors to experimenting with different stitch patterns, crocheting bows allows you to infuse your personality into every piece. As you create bows for various projects, you’ll not only enhance your crochet skills but also discover the gratification that comes from adding a touch of handmade charm to gifts, garments, or home decor.

I hope to see your creations on social media! Tag us @talk2thehands or use the hashtag #talk2thehands so we don’t miss it!


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