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Needle felting is an easy and fun way to create unique decorations for the holiday season. With these handmade trees, you’ll be decking the halls in no time!

Felting trees with dyed locks is one of the easiest Christmas decorations you can find. The color options are endless and you can create them in all sizes with little to no needle felting experience.

I’m going to show you how easy they are to make and share all the links I personally use to acquire supplies.

So if you’ve never felted before or if you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll find this list crazy helpful! Go ahead and Pin It now so you can reference back as often as you need to. Let’s get started!

What You Need

There are a few basic supplies you need for all needle felting projects including a foam pad, needs, and core wool.

Below, I’m including a list of all the supplies I used for this project. If you’re brand new and would like a “starter kit”, you know how I feel about a good starting kit – I talked about that in my Quilling for Beginners Kit Review Post I recommend you start here! I love this brand and have been purchasing here for years!

This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you click on the links; at no additional cost to you. Please see the disclosure policy for more information. All opinions expressed are my own.

felted tree supplies



Where to Shop for Locks

I’ve been purchasing wool curls and locks for about six years now and there are a handful of companies that I have come to rely on consistently for quality, variety, and reliability.

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Not all Curls & Locks are Created Equal

There’s a pretty big difference in types of locks depending on the breed of sheep they’re coming from. Such as Teesdale, Mohair, Corriedale and Gotland. Just to name a few.

For me, I want what is less frizzy and most color options. Here is a list of companies that I order from (on repeat):

And there’s lots and lots more out there! Let us know here if you know of another great small business to check out!

The Two Tree Options

For today, I’m going to show you two different ways I felt my trees with locks.

One is “fat” and one is “skinny” – for both size options, the core form we’ll be making is the same. So let’s begin there…

felted cone

Core Wool Cone

We’re going to start by making a cone out of our core wool. You can use fabric covered floral wire or a skewer if you want but it’s not required for this project.

Here’s why I use it:

  • It gives you a center, essentially to stab to. It’s best to poke your wool to the middle (not all the way through) and by having something like wire or skewer running through the middle, it gives you a more precise center.

HOWEVER, you have to be really careful not to hit it with your needle. This could break the needle and ruin your day. Let’s not.

  • When using the wire, your able to actually bend the tree. Imagine a grinch style tree… Yea, so cute!
  • When wrapping the wire/skewer, it gives you a sort of handle to hold onto while working your felt. That can sometimes be very helpful!


Again, not required but helpful. If you don’t want to go this route, simply start by making a cone by rolling your wool. Poke the wool along the way to make sure it’s firm and shaped correctly.


Instructions (“Fat” Tree)

  • If you want to use wire, begin by folding it in half and cutting it.
  • On one end, fold the wire over to create a hook.
  • Pull out about 12″ of core wool.
    • Peal the wool apart in half, length wise. We want to thin it out.
    • Peal it in half again. You have 4 stands of core wool around the same thickness and length.
cutting wire
rolling wool over wire
felting over wire
felted cone
  • With one strand of wool, use your hooked wire to act as a starting point. Slip the wool into the hook and pinch the wire to hold in place.
  • Holding the wool tightly, begin wrapping the wool around the wire traveling downward.
  • Once you get to the length of what you want your tree to be, turn around and start wrapping back up towards the top.
    • If your wool isn’t long enough to go all the way back up the wire, don’t worry! Simply use your course needle (the pink, 36 triangle) to tack the end in place.
    • Use your needle to poke out any “puffy” or airy spots. We want as little air as possible in the form but don’t worry about perfection in this phase.
  • Repeat the process adding more strips of core wool until you reach the size you want.
    • Of course you want to be concentrating on adding more fiber to the bottom of your cone.
felting locks
hot glue the bottom
adding wood slice
fat felted tree
  • You’ll want to go over your core wool cone with your finer needle (the 40 triangle and then optionally 42 triangle) to smooth out the shape and to firm it up.
  • Now you can begin adding the locks:
    • If your curls have a “rougher” or frizzier end, you can felt that into the cone leaving the long curly end loose.
    • If your locks are “smooth” or silky in both sides, you can felt into the center of the lock to give you two curly ends loose.
    • Begin at the base of the cone and work your way up.
  • Once your tree is covered, add hot glue to the bottom of the core wool form and set on the wood slice.
  • Allow to dry about 3-5 minutes.

Instructions (“Skinny” Tree)

This tree option is the same until you get to the locks! Here’s how…


  • Repeat the first eight steps in creating your core wool cone.
  • When adding locks for a skinny tree, instead of leaving long, loose ends, you will want to lay your locks flat against the cone and attach.
    • You can still leave loose bits of locks – I totally do! 
  • Finish by gluing your wood slice to the bottom.
felting lockes flat
felting locks flat
adding wood slice to the bottom

You now have two beautiful Christmas decorations that you made yourself! Needle felting is a fun and creative way to spruce up your holiday decor, and these two trees are the perfect decorations for any occasion.

Go ahead and get crafting your needle felted tress and make your own Christmas decorations this holiday season!  Don’t forget to share your creations with us by tagging them on social media with @talk2thehands #needlefeltedtrees and #creativeholidaydecorations.


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