Elegant Black Christmas Swag for Your Front Door – DIY Tutorial

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Crafts, Decor

Today I’m going to show you how to make a black Christmas swag for your front door. 

All you need to make a door swag is a tear drop form, assorted ribbon, accents and greenery. For tools you’ll want hot glue, floral wire, scissors and wire cutters. 

This project can be as simple or elaborate as you want, simply follow the formula below, and you can’t go wrong. Let your creative side run free as you assemble an eye catching, custom design that will leave your guests impressed!

Christmas Colors and Black

We’re seeing lots of black this holiday season and man oh man do I love it so much!

We know that black is a neutral color so adding just about any color with it works. 

BUT, I would argue that it’s the overall design theme you need to think through when putting colors together with your new black trimmings.

For my sophisticated swag design, I’m going with classic, black, white, and silver.

black and silver color pallet

The Power of Texture

When picking out the different pieces for floral designs, I always think color first and foremost – Looking for contrast and complimentary hues. But we can’t ignore texture!

Adding contrasting textures to your projects will give the overall design more interest and balance.

By adding course glitter with my poinsettias, ribbon and berry picks, I then gravitated towards soft velvet and feathers. The large jingle bells are subtle but smooth and add a pop of shine!

black velvet leaves
silver poinsettias
silver bells
black pampas grass


Regardless of style, there are a couple items in this list that you will need no matter what. But I’m including links to all the pieces I used for your convenience.

Happy shopping!

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Floral Supplies:

three ribbon rolls
silver crabapples

Making a Swag: Brittany’s Formula

You can follow this formula no matter what style or size swag you create. These are principles that cover it all!


  • Fluff your form

    • You can check out my video here on how to properly fluff an artificial Christmas tree. This step is always necessary when using a pine form.
  • Make your bow

    • If you don’t want a bow then skip this part but if you do, start there! I love my Pro Bow the Hand and have been recommending it for years, but you can use whatever method is most comfortable for you.
    • Click here for my tutorial on how to make the perfect wreath bow.
  • Ribbon

    • If you want ribbon throughout your design, do that step here.
    • Click here to watch my tutorial on how to add ribbon to an artificial Christmas tree. (same process)
  • Add the largest pieces

    • In this case it’s my large poinsettia flowers. Always work from largest to smallest.
  • Add greenery

    • Preferably cut down any bushes into individual stems. This gives you more control where each piece lives. But not always necessary, just use your judgment.
  • Add accent pieces and filler

    • These are the smaller items like berry picks or tiny flowers.
    • If you’re working with ribbon in your design, you can add in loops and tails as filler as well.


You can watch my video tutorial below and see just how easy this design comes together!


  • Once your form is fluffed, you will add your bows.
    • You’ll want a fairly large bow at the top (around 12″) as it will be one of the centerpieces of the design.
    • Place the bow just off center and secure with floral wire.
  • Secure any long tails you want worked into the form by pinching the ribbon and using the wired pine branches to secure it.
securing bow with wire
pinching ribbon tail
securing ribbon
  • Add a second, smaller bow (around 8″-10″) towards the bottom.
    • Again, off center and opposite the large bow.


  • Add accent pieces – Working from largest to smallest, you’ll want to add in your large poinsettias.
    • Place just below your bow on the right hand side.
    • Bend the stem so that the head of the flower is facing outward.
    • Cut away the extra stem length.
adding smaller second bow
gluing poinsettia
adding large poinsettia
  • Next, add in your bells (You’ll notice in the video I went out of order because I forgot about the bells. Be better than me!)
    • Place opposite the poinsettia.
    • Working underneath your large bow, secure the bells with the wired stem.
    • Be sure to place the bells in staggering heights where one hangs lower then the other, but not by a lot.
securing bells
securing bells
  • Incorporate your greenery. Or in this case, blackery? Anyway, cut your stems down so you have multiple stems.
    • Start at the top and work down alternating sides.
  • Add in your feathers, berries and filler.
    • Try to incorporate evenly throughout.
    • Fluff the berries before adding them in.
    • You can cut down each berry pick to help make your berries go further or leave them in their original cluster like I did. I went for fullness with my berry picks.
    • Fill in any bald spots with leftover pick pieces or you can add in ribbon loops or tails.
add feathers
fluff berries
filler berries

Watch it come together below:

Ready to Show Off!

You did it! You have a beautiful door swag ready to spread Christmas cheer on your front door for everyone to see and love. 

Share your designs on social media and tag us @talk2thehands so we can see and celebrate with you! 


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