Enchanting Halloween Floating Candles and Spell Book Pages

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Decor

Floating candles is a huge trend this Halloween season. Up 400% search volume from last month according to Pinterest trends. Adding these haunting, glowing lights over your dining room table, mantle or front entryway, create a spooky, witchy aesthetic that will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family.

This year, I knew I wanted to add some wow-factor to my Halloween decorations, I knew I wanted something to hang from the ceiling. As someone who loves classic, traditional Halloween design, you can probably tell from my Tomato Cage Ghosts post – read that here, this trendy look was right up my alley.

But I didn’t want just candles! Floating witch hats have been hovering around Pinterest (yep, I did that) for years and it’s a loved look for good reason.

But that got me thinking, everyone has done this, we need something new! 

Floating Witch Hats… Played Out

You’ve seen them. All over the internet and you probably even know someone who has done them in their house. Our friend Ashley did these at her Halloween party and they were adorable!

Don’t get me wrong, this was my first thought when I began my decor planning journey. They look so great! It’s a little spooky but mostly fun, definitely not scary. Which is great for a house with young kids or anyone who isn’t into the extremes Halloween can bring.

Hanging witch hats

But if you ask me, this look could use an update…. So that’s what I did!


Set the Mood with Floating Candles and Spell Book Pages

When deciding on what else to hang with my floating candles, the witch theme was definitely the lane I wanted to stay in. Again, all about that classic Halloween display. You can find another great, classic decoration craft here: Kristin’s Cheesecloth Ghosts that I know you’ll love!

And this is where I landed (off my broom). Please stay…

Searching on Amazon, I found this book full of old world looking pages designed to cut out and use for journaling or scrapbooking.

This was it!! 

What happens when paper gets too close to a candle’s flame?? This is how I was going to take the design a step further! Read on!

Making Your Candles Look Better

When purchasing my battery operated, flameless candles, I had some criteria to follow:

  1. Remote Control – Turning these bad boys on and off manually is not appealing to me at all.
  2. Cheap – I knew I was going to need quite a few candles for this project, so it was important to get the most bang for my buck.
  3. Black & Drippy – These design preferences were mine (you may not want them that way) but it proved to be a problem for criteria #2.

So how do you make cheap, plain, white battery operated candles look realistic and spooky? Let’s get into that.

DIY Wax Drip


What you need: Only two things!

How to do it:

  • Preheat your glue gun. Remember it’s crazy hot so be so very careful with these next steps.
  • Starting at the lowest drip point, slowly glide the glue gun up to the tip of the candle before hitting the wick. Once you reach the top, continue to slowly glide the glue back down until you complete 1 full squeeze of the trigger.

TIP: Do you your best to gently squeeze a consistent amount of glue as you go.

  • Repeat and rotate the candle until it’s covered to your satisfaction.
  • Set aside to dry and set for about 3-5 min.
plain faux candle
hot gluing faux drips to candle
faux candles with faux drips

Tada! Now, if you want to keep your candles white, then feel free to stop here and move onto the hanging stage. BUT, if you want to change the color like I did, then let’s move onto that.


DIY Painted Candles

Grab your spray paint! I wanted my candles black cause I feel like that’s what a witch would have. We opted for a matte finish black spray paint and I loved the finish result. But you can literally paint your candles whatever color you want! Let your imagination run wild.


What you need:

*You’ll need in open air space where you can safely paint the candles and let them dry completely. For me, this was the backyard hanging from the patio cover.

How to do it:

  • Suspend your candle by the wick and “flame” using kite string or fishing line.
  • Lightly paint the candle paying extra attention to the underside of the drips and the grooves of the battery cover.


TIP: Don’t forget about the bottom of the candle. After it’s hanging from the ceiling, you won’t want a bright white bottom.

  • Once covered, remain hanging to dry for at least 15-20 minute before relocating to a standing spot.

TRICK: The paint will still be tacky and will need a little longer to dry fully. Relocate the candle to a piece of cardboard or somewhere the candle can be stood up to finish drying enough to handle – About another 20-30 minutes.

spray painting candle
one finished black candle
black candles

Prep the Paper

Now we’re ready to move on to the spell book pages and how to make them look like they floated in just a little too close to those candles.


DIY Singed Paper


What you need:

*IMPORTANT! When working with a live flame ever, you must make sure to be in a ventilated area and a plan to extinguish the flames should they get away from you!!


How to do it:

  • Go through your book and pick out around 8-10 pictures you like best (amount based on the size of the area you’ll be hanging these from).

TIP: Pick your favorite images to hang + 1 more to practice on. This will give you the confidence you need to complete the rest.

  • Cut out each image. (Some pictures I had to tear and that’s ok, we don’t need pretty edges for this part.)
Cottage Witch Book
spell book pages
  • Working one page at a time, use your lighter to light the paper along the edge.
  • Once there is a flame, GENTLY BLOW IT OUT.
  • Shake the paper until all the smoke has dissipated and the edge is cool.
  • Repeat until you’ve worked around the entire image.
lighting the paper edges
shake the paper

How to Hang Floating Candles and Spell Book Pages

For candles, use fishing line and make an adjustable knot on each end of the cut line. On one end, attach the knot and tighten around the faux flame. Wrap the line around the candle and adhere it to the side of the candle with a small dab of clear glue. On the opposite end of the fishing line, tighten your knot around the needle of a clear thumb tack. Once tight and secure, press the thumbtack into the ceiling.

For spell pages, follow the same process except you will only need one adjustable knot for the tack. The opposite end will be glued to the back of the paper. Once glue is dry and tack is secure, mount to the ceiling. 


What you need:

  • Finished candles
  • Finished spell pages
  • Fishing line (thinner the better so you don’t see it)
  • Scissors
  • Clear glue (I used hot glue but that’s a little overkill – work with what ya got)
  • Clear thumbtacks

How to do it:


  • Candles

    • Cut your line to the length you need for hanging. (The knots won’t add hardly any additional length)
    • Make your adjustable knots on each end of the line. (Check out this video here for a tutorial on an easy adjustable knot)
    • Wrap one knot underneath the faux flame to the wick and tighten.
    • Wrap the line around the body of the candle and glue in place with just a small dab of glue so that the candle will suspend from the side.
    • Wrap the other end of the line around the needle of your clear thumbtack and tighten.
    • Keeping the knot tight on the tack, press it into the ceiling until it’s secure.
tying knot
tying know around wick
knot around wick
where to wrap the line and glue

TIP: Make sure you have added batteries and confirmed that the lights work before hanging.


TRICK: By wrapping the line around the body of the candle, that will keep your candle straight while suspended. If you only knot around the wick and flame, the flame will bend to the side and look silly.


TIP: If you added fake wax drips, these will help in wrapping the line around. Allow the drips to act like support for the line by wrapping underneath each drip before glueing.

glued fishing line
  • Spell Book Pages

    • Cut your line and tie one end with an adjustable knot just like for the candles.
    • On the opposite end of the line, (no knot) glue to the back of one of your pages.
    • Once completely dry (about 2 minutes), tighten your knot around the needle of a clear thumbtack.
    • Keeping the knot tight around the tack, press into the ceiling until secure.

TRICK: Cut your lines (for both candles and paper) in various lengths to look more realistic.


TIP: Glue the lines to each paper in different angles. Some to the middle, some to the left or right corners. This will make the finished look more realistic as well. 


TIP: Double check that they are not upside down before glueing.


Space out your candles and pages far enough where they aren’t bumping into one another. This will save you on any tangling issues.

hanging candles
hanging pages

A Haunting Display

Turn on your candles and take a step back to see your hard work come to life. Add additional spooky elements like witch’s brooms and tattered fabric to really finish the design.

Now when people walk in the first thing they’ll do is ooh and aww at this memorable and dramatic display.




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