Fast, Cheap and Interesting | 3 Ways to Pizzaz Your Walls

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Decor

Wall decor does not have to be expensive, or require all kinds of time, and it most certainly doesn’t need to be “same ol’ same ol'” ideas. I’m going to show you three different ways to add some serious pizzazz to your walls. We’re going to keep it budget friendly, unique and super easy! Here’s what we’ll cover:


1. Hats – Layout and hanging is much easier than you think.

2. Wall Decals – Easier and more cost effective than wallpaper.

3. Baskets – Perfect option for large walls.


Along the way, I’ll share some tips and tricks I learned and some uber helpful links to get you started. Let’s get into it!


What makes wall art install fast?

Let’s be clear, I don’t like to measure. When the idea hits, I want it done now. Nothing in me wants to take time to measure or plan or math. Let’s just get it up, love it, and move on. So when I say fast, we’re talking 10 minutes tops. Anything much more than that will just make me cranky.

When you say cheap?

Cheap, budget friendly, frugal, deal, whatever you want to call it, my projects never look cheap, but they sure don’t cost a fortune either.

Like I always say, “Work with ya got!” Not because you can’t go out and find what you want or need, but why spend the extra funds when you have a house full of items that can perform for the job.

Kristin quote

This is especially true with these specific projects with our new (new to us) house. Moving cross country is financially tasking, so I am digging in to find ways to make this house our forever home with budget in mind!

bathroom remodel

If you haven’t already seen my last post about updating a bathroom, I invite you to check that out next. The before and after are amazing with zero demo! Click here!


What qualifies as interesting?

When you hear the word “wall art“, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well Brittany asked our friends on Facebook! And if you haven’t joined our Facebook group then go there after you’re done here because we have lots of fun in there!

Anyway, the majority of our peeps answered with some sort of picture option. Things like photographs, paintings, or something in that realm.

But it can be so much more!! If you want your home to be intriguing and inviting, then you’ve got to think outside the box. These ideas are just what you need for real inspiration!

Read on!

This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you click on the links; at no additional cost to you. Please see the disclosure policy for more information. All opinions expressed are my own.

The Hat Wall

I love a good hat (click here for my faves that come in XL) and over the years have grown a pretty great collection of them. These hats also make fabulous wall decor that hit all the check boxes of fast, cheap, and interesting.


Tip: Lay out your hats on the floor before placing them on the wall.

Trick: Use push pins instead of nails. Less work and smaller holes created.

hat wall

We hung these hats in the master bedroom which is an appropriate place, it makes sense in there. Other great spots for a hat wall could be your entry way or a mud room/laundry room.

Having a wall of hats not only looks like art, it also looks and feels functional. Like I may just very well go grab one for my outfit and walk out the door.


wall decals

Wall Decals for the Win

You guys, this is the greatest find of ever! If you want to make a big impact with minimal effort, THIS IS THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DILEMMAS!



Tip: This is great for an accent wall.

Trick: Way easier to apply and take off than wall paper.

Trick: No measuring necessary.


wall decals
wall decals

Did I mention I don’t like measuring?? Because with these decals, you need zero measuring tools (unless you’re super OCD in which case, get on with your bad self) and zero skills. You’re basically applying stickers all over the wall in whatever pattern makes your brain happy.

For my decal projects, I wanted to try and keep the appliques evenly spaced and cover the entire wall like wallpaper. To do that, it was important to take a step back to look at the wall as a whole as I went. Even coverage and in the case of the girl’s room, color variation.

Also, what’s so great about these decal stickers, they can be moved with no issue. Now, you don’t want to move them around too much or you’ll lose the adhesive.

BUT if, for example, I placed a couple of the stickers too close together, or too hight, or too low, it’s no big deal to just peal it off and reapply where it needs to be.

BOOM! So happy with this purchase!


Click here or the images to get yours!

Baskets on the Walls

Don’t you just love baskets? They are so versatile and can be used for so many things. But one of my most favorite applications is up on the wall!


Tips: Gather up all your baskets and/or purchase new ones to arrange. 

Tips: Use a variety of sizes and colors. 

Tricks: Perfect way to fill up a large wall.

Tricks: Save storage space and decorate at the same time!

Much like the hats in the bedroom, baskets in the dinning room works beautifully!

We have this large wall behind our kitchen table – prime opportunity here for a conversational piece.

The baskets are a winner because they are 3D, lightweight and not squared off so hanging, just like the decals, are wherever you feel best about it.

kitchen table and wall baskets
wall baskets

If you’re buying new baskets, I recommend picking out a more than one color, size, and/or design pattern. This will keep it interesting and gives you more flexibility when figuring out your display.

All my baskets cam from Hobby Lobby (individually purchased) but I’m including an Amazon link with multiple sets to chose from for you to make it even easier.

You can’t go wrong with this option!!

Now that your walls are all jazzed up and ready to be shown off,

take a selfie with your favorite wall decor piece and share it with us!!

We’re always looking for more inspiration.

Be sure to tag us @talk2thehands or post it to our group page.

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