Hand Prints for Easy Decor

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Crafts, Decor

Empty Walls

Some empty walls are ok, but some spaces, maybe a little less obvious, insist on being displayed. If you have one of these awkward spaces in your house that just needs a little something then we’ve got you covered! These hand prints are going to be your new favorite thing!

Fun, Inexpensive, and Custom

I pride myself on being able to decorate my home in a way that I love without spending a fortune. And as a creative problem solver, I love nothing more than finding unique ways to make pieces I can display that look amazing and are custom fit to my family. I break down my process a little more for decorating in this article I wrote on 5 Ways to Create Eclectic Style. (If you’re facing some challenges decorating than I highly encourage you to check it out… After this one…)

And there’s nothing more custom then your handprint. Also there’s nothing sweeter than your families handprints.

Supplies  Needed:

  • Black Canvases – We used Artist Black Canvas Studio Series 8X10”  from Walmart
  • White Acrylic Paint – also from Walmart
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Nails to hang canvases on wall
handprint decorating

What to do:

  • Lay out each individual canvas on your work counter.
  • Fill a disposal bowl half way with acrylic paint .
  • Wash hand and dry – recommend removing rings.
  • Brush paint onto the palm side of your hand.
  • Press painted hand on to the middle of the canvas.
  • Hold hand in place on canvas for approx 1 min, slowly lift off.
  • Let painted canvases dry for approx 5 mins.
  • Hang or place canvases in your room.
handprint decorating
hand print decorating
hand print decorating

Your Happiest Wall

You’ll smile every time you look at these personalized prints in your home! 


For more fun home decor craft projects,

click the link below!

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