Hi, my name is Kristin…

Co-founder of Talk to the Hands. Years ago I decided I wanted to find more fulfillment in my work. As an art teacher, the days get long and not always… satisfying. I love teaching and I love trying new things, but when your days are filled with behavior issues, sometimes those accomplishing new techniques get lost. 

So I did it, I created an Instagram account! For an entire year I learned how to navigate and master social media. I was able to share my love of color, design, family and faith with an audience that wants to know more! It was an exciting journey that wasn’t done yet.

From there I joined forces with one of my closest friends, Brittany, and started a YouTube channel. We spent another year learning, failing, learning some more, and growing a successful following. We knew we wanted a landing spot for our devoted friends and followers so we built a website. A place where we can share all of our projects in one, organized space. Where you can come back again and again to find new inspiration and how to create your own masterpieces. 

With me you’ll find easy to follow craft projects and decor ideas (always budget friendly), and recipes with the fewer the ingredients the better! So sit back, relax, and spend some time with us. Check out our most recent posts and dive into your favorite categories. We’re so excited you’re here!


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