Need Bright Ideas? Update Your Home with New Light Fixtures!

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Decor

Today I’m taking you on a tour of lights. In our journey of updating our 1970’s forever home, one thing that I knew had to take top priority was the lighting and light fixtures. A lot of sins can be forgiven with great lights!

This process brought up a few questions that I want to help you with today. Let’s get into it!!


Should you have the same light fixtures throughout the whole house or can you mix and match?


You absolutely DO NOT have to keep every fixture in the house the same. Mixing and matching styles and colors is not only more interesting, but when done correctly, will look more high end.


The trick is to keep them similar but different!


If you’ve been keeping up with our updates, Easy Bathroom Updates on a Budget and 3 Ways to Pizzaz Your Walls, you already know that our house is mid-century modern. It’s important when doing updates, whether it’s paint or flooring, or anything that you know you won’t want to update for a very long time, you stick with neutral/timeless designs. The accent pieces, such as pillows, curtains, or wall decor  that bring color to a space should be easy and inexpensive to swap out.

Lighting falls under the neutral category.

Let’s start the tour at the beginning in the entryway.

bathroom remodel
wall decor with baskets

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before and after entry

Entryway Lighting

The foyer is a the first thing people see when coming into you home. Make a statement for your first impression.

This part of the home is prime opportunity for a light fixture that will wow. It also sets the tone for the rest of your interior.

If your space and budget allows for it, go as big as you can and think outside the box.

I purchased this light fixture from Amazon and here’s what I love… The shape. The design of this modern, 8-light ceiling mount is classic mid century modern. I’ll be continuing the same round/globe shape throughout the home.

Even if your house isn’t modern, you can apply the same principles to your own design. Rustic, traditional, Eclectic??

(If you love the eclectic look, you may also love this post I did on 5 Ways to Create Eclectic Style.)

Whatever your style, make sure the lighting you pick for your entryway is eye catching!


The Kitchen and Dining Room

Walking into the house, after you’re done gushing over the entryway light, the next room to visit is the kitchen and dining room. Right away you’ll recognize what I was saying about mixing and matching.

When we began, the light for the entire kitchen only measure about 12″ around. Not only was it ugly, it wasn’t functional either.


Since this was the only light we had to work with in the kitchen, it was important to get something that would really go the extra mile.

First we tried a 12.5″ light but it just wasn’t working for me. (Love that Amazon makes returns so easy!) Instead, we upgraded to 16.5″ and I’m so glad we did! The size makes way more sense and just that one change elevated the room to be much more modern and clean.

kitchen lights

What do I need to know before purchasing a new light fixture?

Now that we’ve run into our first lighting purchase hiccup, I think it’s beneficial to explain a couple key things you should work through before making any lighting purchases.

  • Measurements. Sometimes you want or need to upgrade the size of an existing fixture, sometimes you really can’t because of the space you’re working with. Either way, measure, measure, MEASURE! 
  • Understand basic wiring for lighting. It sounds hard but is quite simple to learn.

Here is a link to a really great, basic wiring tutorial on YouTube: How to Install a Hanging Light – Step-By-Step Guide

  • Know the intention of your space. Whether you will be entertaining or if the room is accommodating young kids, begin with a plan of what the room is for first. 

Picking out new lighting can quickly become overwhelming. Hopefully these three points will help you to narrow it down.

dining room lights

Just like the foyer, over the kitchen table was an outstanding place to have another statement piece. This meant finding another larger design, round in shape for consistency, and I decided this was a great spot to introduce a new texture.

Wicker is very trendy these days, but better than that, it’s appropriate for the era. This was a fortunate coincidence, dare I say blessing, because it gave me lots of options when shopping. I was able to find this great, 4-light Rattan Light Fixture that would add the perfect finishing touch to our dining area next to my basket wall.

Hallway Lights

Let’s head down the hallway. In the beginning, there was nothing. Well, technically there was an ugly, flush ceiling mount light. But then, God said, “Let there be light!

I want to make something very clear, hallway lighting can be just as fashionable as any other room in the house! Let me show you what I picked…

These Black, Sandlblasted Finish, Metal Shade ceiling lights are chic, elegant and spectacular! It was love at first sight! Purchase these lights as a single, 2-pack, or 3-pack set! Whatever you need for your space.

Down another hallway we find a different light fixture again! This one truly pulls together all the designs we’ve talked about so far. A simple globe design on a gold mount gives this hallway an elevated look with understated elements.

TIP: White shades give off more light than clear shades.

The hallways aren’t usually in the forefront when people think about updating their lights. But it can make all the difference in the world for making your house feel complete and polished.

hallway lights
ceiling mounted lights

What kind of lightbulb should be used for each room?

The answer to this question is suggestive but I would like to explain what I believe to be the best way to pick your lighting tone color. Another element that can become overwhelming quite fast, but can be simplified to this:

  • Soft White – Perfect for illuminating bedrooms, living rooms, or dens. Great for highlighting dark wood tones.
  • Warm White – Great for kitchens, workspaces, and bathrooms for a cozy feeling.
  • Bright White – Work best in kitchens and bathrooms with chrome or white fixtures.
  • Daylight – Ideal for reading as they are bright yet easy on the eyes. 

In this process, was a lot of trial and error. I took lots of pictures of fixtures and bulbs. Sought out help from the experts in my local hardware stores and found this great recourse online: Lamps Plus, Ideas and Advise.

laundry room lights

Laundry Room & Bathroom

Carrying on with our black and golds, maintaining the globe shape shades, the laundry room and bathrooms were surprisingly more fun then I expected.

Do you recognize this modern gem?? Yep, in the laundry room is simply the smaller version of our lights in the foyer. An unexpected switch in design, pulling in what we’ve already seen to tie the entire house together.

Side note: Laundry rooms and bathrooms are the best spot to make fun design decisions.

Don’t go boring in here! Find a design that makes you happy and inspired. Doing laundry isn’t always “fun” but there’s no reason why the decor can’t be.

In the bathrooms, the goal was to coordinate with the surrounding decor pieces. The clean lines of our black mirror frames influenced my choice for light fixtures that feel like they were partners in design.

bathroom lights
second bathroom lights

Kid’s Bedroom

For our last stop, we’ll be dropping into the girl’s bedroom. One challenge when you are mix and matching design throughout your house, is adding elements that not only coordinate but are fitting for the room. 

For young girls, black or gold just wasn’t what I was wanting. The look for their space is light, bright, and cheerful so I decided to go with white. White is a safe choice when you’re not real sure what direction to go. Again, neutral and timeless.

kids room lights


The Light Effect

Not sure if that’s really a thing but I’m here to tell you that there is something to the kind of lighting you live in. As human beings, we need the light in more ways than one. So when you find yourself on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge with your own lighting projects, I strongly, strongly encourage you to take these steps in creating an uplifting and happy environment.


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