Unbelievably Easy Ways to Transform Your Small Wreath into a Grand One

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Crafts, Decor

What do you do when you want to hang a wreath on your door but the wreath form you have is too small, or you don’t have a lot to spend? This was the problem I ran into when it was time to bring down my Patriotic Wreath – click here to see how I made that one- and replace it with something a little more neutral to carry out the rest of the summer.

To make your small wreath look bigger/fuller, use long, full stems to extend well past the form edges. This will give the appearance of a larger finished design.

I’m taking this little 12″ round wreath form and embellishing it to approximately 26″ x 20″.

Best part?? It’ll only cost about $40 in florals (if you pay full price for everything – which I discourage).

Let’s get to it!

supply list

*Note: This design leans on the wreath form being decorative to start (i.e. the moss), but could also be used on a plain grapevine or painted grapevine as well. Whatever fits the look you’re wanting.

The Wreath

For this project, I already had this way-too-small moss covered wreath form sitting in my craft room. Confession: It’s been taking up real estate for about three years now. No judgment please.

It was purchased from a whole seller back when I had my wreath business but I was able to find other comparable forms for you here:

12" wreath

Watch the full length video tutorial below

The Bow

Begin with your bow. Whether you purchase a premade design or you make your own like me, this will be your starting point.

TIP: Use a bow that measures 10″ – 12″ to act as a focal point. (Mine measures just under 10″)


TRICK: Always, always, always use wired ribbon in bow making!

Don’t you love this ribbon?? Get yours here!

wreath bow

Watch how I hand make this bow in just minutes with my Pro Bow tool.

(It’s my most favorite)

You can check out a more detailed post I did on how to make bows by clicking here.


A couple basic tools you always need in wreath making…

  1. Floral wire – this is necessary for attaching that adorable bow you love. But optional for working in your stems.
  2. Wire Cutters – You can get by with a pair of sharp scissors but using good wire cutters will save you on a lot of frustration.
  3. Hot Glue – I never work on any floral arrangements without my cordless hot glue gun!


TIP: 22 gauge floral wire is my preferred weight because of flexibility and strength.


TRICK: If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you could attach all the stems with floral wire for a secure hold.


TIP: I always use Gorilla Glue brand glue sticks. They have the best hold! 


wire cutters and hot glue gun

Greenery & Flowers

One of the very best parts about making a wreath on a small frame, is that it doesn’t take that much to make a BIG impact.

For our 12″ form, all you need is one fern bush, two secondary greenery stems, and two flower stems. All my stems came from Michael’s but you can find similar types at any craft store.

Why This Works

If you’re wanting to go out and pick your own stems, let me explain why these pieces work to accomplish the look we’re wanting… BIGGER.

For the “base greenery” I was looking for something that had broad leaves and long stems. This would give the design the illusion of length and a full look without having to load it up with a lot of product. Also, I specifically sought out a bush for this part as opposed to individual stems. This way I could break it down and cover more area for less money.

For the “secondary greenery” I wanted a completely different texture and shape then the fern. These Sinojackia stems work perfectly because not only is the leaf shape different, but so is the size of the leaves and color tones. It provides a lot of interest and depth!

Lastly, the flowers. You want to have some sort of accent floral and small white flowers work every time! Just like both types of greenery, the stems on these mini daisies are nice and long. Remember, we’re going for length as much as fullness.


Check out more wreath tutorials here!

more wreath tutorials


  • Begin by placing your bow in the bottom left or right “corner”. Secure it tightly with floral wire.
  • Cut down your fern bush and begin placing the individual stems coming out the top and bottom of the bow. Hot glue in place.


TIP: When arranging your stems, be sure that you are moving back and forth on the form so that you get a “fanned out” effect. 


REPEAT AFTER ME… “Up and out. Up and out.” 


TRICK: As often as you can, situate your stems so that they extend past the form. We want to create length.

step 1
step 3
step 4
  • After the fern stems are glued in place, cut down your secondary greenery (the Sinojackia) and place in-between the ferns.


TIP: These stems are providing fullness so make sure they aren’t flat against the form. Allow them or even bend them to move away from the wreath base. 


TIP: Try to maintain balance by paying attention to the number of stems your adding above and below the bow. For example: If you add two stems above the bow, make sure to add two stems under as well. It doesn’t have to stay exact but this will help you to keep it fairly even.


  • Lastly, cut down and add in your small daisies to finish the design. These are the accent/filler flowers, while still maintaining balance (read the tip above) add these in wherever you need a little extra fill or contrast.

Display Time!

Now that you’re all done, let’s go hang it on the door. I know you and your friends & family are going to be so impressed what a big impact your small wreath makes!

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front porch


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