When All Else Fails, Needle Felt | Embracing Mistakes to Make Something Amazing

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Crafts

I know it’s a figure of speech, “When all else fails…”, but I actually totally failed with my original punch needle project and had to pivot in order to finish with something I love.

Needle felting can be done on numerous materials and items such as table cloths, clothing, pillows and more. By gently poking loose felt into weaved material, you will entangle those fibers and create art on just about anything. 

Here’s my felted pillow for Valentine’s Day – a project I altered course for because of some major mistakes made in the original design. Enjoy!! 

Supply List

Here’s everything I used for my needle felt pillow – all of my felt comes from my most favorite family owned companies out of Austin, TX, Living Felt! The colors listed are from them but you can easily swap out any of these for an endless number of color combinations. Go wild!


Felting supplies

Why It Works

One concern I had when the punch needle idea was abandoned was that my needle felt wouldn’t hold in the gaping holes left behind from the punch needle tool. But as you can see, it totally worked! Here’s why:

The fibers used for the needle felting are quite fine. The needles used to attach them are also quite fine. When you needle felt into any given material, those fibers are entangling on themselves and the weave of that material. What you’re left with is a strong hold of those fibers.

Ultimately, this process gives you a ton of options and freedom for potential projects. This was the perfect pivot from my original plan of punch needle because, not only, does it work but it’s downright fun and relaxing.


Don’t Get Me Wrong, Punch Needle Is Awesome

I say all this not to detour you from punch needle or to try something different. Quite the opposite! 

In the past, I’ve discussed why I think hobbies and trying new things is, in my opinion, an important inclination that we should all embrace as often as we can. Check out my real talk discussion with Kristin on our YouTube Channel here. Punch needle being at the top of that list because it’s so fun!

What I am saying is that mistakes happen. Our plans go wrong and sometimes we just have to try something else. And that’s perfectly fine! Take a break but don’t give up.  Give Needle Punch a try with my tutorial here – you won’t regret it!! Happy crafting friends!!


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